Quality Policy Statement

The established policy of Johnson Construction Ltd is to provide to its Customer’s, products and services, which are fit for their intended purpose and are delivered conforming with the Customers, Manufacturers and with the purpose and context of the Company. Producing a quality product whilst maintaining customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner.

To this end, management systems and procedures are applied to meet the quality goals of the Company to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system and to satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 series promoting:

  • High levels of stakeholder satisfaction.
  • The delivery of the business commitment.
  • Safe operation and protection of the reputation, value and assets of the Company.
  • Quality of product and service for all activities of the Company.
  • A highly motivated, competent and knowledgeable workforce with the knowledge who believe in our Company’s culture and values.
  • Understanding and support of the environment within which we work.
  • Continual development of our business and internal processes.
  • The continual improvement of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Notwithstanding the above, I shall strive to create an environment that stimulates innovative thinking and provide improvement with the Quality Management System. Maintain awareness of and apply where appropriate, new developments in electrical controls technology and business methods with our customers.

I shall: -

  • Ensure that we can demonstrate improvement in our service delivery and internal processes so that we will continue to meet and build on customer requirements and stakeholder expectations.
  • Ensure that we can deliver the quality goals by the establishment and implementation of management objectives and processes, which will be monitored against the requirements of the Quality Management System, Legislation and our Customer’s requirements.
  • Set and monitor personal and job related quality objectives for my Managers, which will ensure that the correct standard of quality is maintained, monitored and progressively improved.
  • Ensure that the Quality Policy is made available to Employees and relevant interested parties either via the Company’s Website or made available if and when requested.

These arrangements and objectives will be managed by myself but administered by the Management Team utilising documented information.

Leadership and accountability by myself at the highest level and assisted by the Management Team. I, as the Managing Director will maintain executive control of the Management System.

Andy Johnson

Managing Director

Johnson Construction Ltd February 2021