Case Study

Alton Towers Development

Johnson Construction was appointed installation partner by Willerby Innovations to assist with a £15m project to create an enchanted village at Alton Towers.

The project involved installing 122 residential themed lodges within a 20 week timeframe.

The units had to be transported as a wide load from the manufacturing base in Hull. To add to the logistical challenge roads leading to the site were narrow and the delivery of the units required police escorts and road closures.

Our project management team devised a strategy in conjunction with Willerby to create a holding area on site  where several of the units could be stored enabling a supply in time system to be put in place.

Johnson worked closely with the manufacturing facility so that deliveries could be precisely timed. This limited the number of road closures required as well as ensuring a constant supply of units to maximise the time of the installation team.

Andrew Johnson, Managing Director of Johnson Construction, said: "This was a major logistical exercise involving precise timings for police to operate road closures and for us to ensure we kept a ready supply of units for our installation team.

"The installation period was in winter and our strategy helped to prevent any delivery delays caused by adverse weather conditions.

"Our team worked in tough conditions, often battling against heavy snowfalls but their can-do attitude shone through and we were able to meet the deadline so that the prestigious attraction could be opened on time to visitors."

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