Environmental Policy Statement

The understanding of the need for environmental protection forms an integral part of the Johnson Construction Ltd business philosophy. I am committed to protecting the environment and believe that my Company has a responsibility not to compromise the ability of future generations to sustain their needs.

Leadership of the Environmental Policy and supporting statement lies with me and the Management Team with myself taking accountability for the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

The impact that any of our activities, those of our Clients/Contractors, may have on the environment is an area of concern.

I will seek to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources, and whenever practicable will select materials which have the least negative impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Environmental protection will have equal status to considerations for Health, Safety and Quality.

In confirming our commitment to protection of the environment we will treat environmental regulations that apply to our activities as minimum standards and where appropriate aim to better them. We will provide information to sub-contractors, customers and end users of our services to ensure that misuse will not be the cause of damage to the environment.

The Environmental Policy will be brought to the attention of all Employees and Sub-Contractors and will be made available to the General Public via the Company Website and reviewed annually to assess its effectiveness, compliance with environmental law and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.

Whilst recognising the fundamental responsibility of the Company and its Employees for environmental protection, particular attention will be paid to the following areas: -

Waste Management – Waste will be kept to a minimum, compatible with best trade practises. Only licensed waste contractors will be used to dispose of waste. Our sub-contractors shall be encouraged to apply the principals of this policy but shall be required to ensure they comply with the minimum relevant legislation.

Flora and Fauna in and around project locations - Every effort shall be made to minimise the effects of the Company activity on the flora and fauna within and around project sites. Specific tender stage checks shall be carried out to establish site-specific conditions and the presence of any protected and or at risk species.

Recycling – Whenever practicable, materials will be purchased from suppliers who obtain products from replaceable sources.

Noise/Dust Light - Will be suppressed, where practical, to ensure that no nuisance is caused to neighbouring establishments or the general public.

Conservation of energy – We shall introduce and monitor efficient and economic use of energy in the form of heating and lighting with the objective of reducing the use of energy.

Training – All Employees shall be made aware of the objectives of this policy and the contribution expected from them. Employees with high-risk tasks shall be trained in the environmental aspects associated with those tasks.

Legislative and other Requirements Compliance – Regular environmental assessments shall be carried out to ensure we fulfil our commitment to the compliance with the legislation and other requirements with the application of best available practice in environmental protection.

Protection of the Environment Including the Prevention of Pollution – Environmental risk assessments will be carried out to ensure best practice in working practices with every possible countermeasure utilised to protect the environment and prevent any form of pollution.

Environmental Objectives – Will be set, monitored and reviewed to provide a management tool for my Company to achieve the general aims set out in this policy statement and achieve continuous improvement to enhance our environment performance.

All Employees are equally responsible for complying with this Environmental Policy and are encouraged to suggest improvements to this end.

These arrangements and objectives will be managed by myself but administered by the Management Team utilising documented information.

Leadership and accountability by myself at the highest level and assisted by the Management Team. I, as the Managing Director will maintain executive control of the Management System.

Andy Johnson

Managing Director

Johnson Construction Ltd February 2021