Safety Policy Statement

My commitment and that of the Board Members to Health and Safety is absolute and in reflecting this commitment the following objectives shall be implemented within the Company as far as is reasonably practicably: -

To ensure a Safe and Healthy working environment for all Employees, Sub-Contractors and those others affected by the Company’s activities by prioritisation of funding and resources for safe working and systems in so far as is reasonably practicable.

Specific responsibilities are allotted to the Managers and these are detailed within Job Descriptions and Safety Responsibility Statements. The responsibilities are designed to enable those individuals to develop suitable standards and procedures by which to meet the Safety Management System.

Ensuring the Company goals of Client satisfaction, ongoing business development and profit are not in conflict with good safety and industry best practice. A good safety record is of benefit to business, while a safe and healthy environment protects and encourages our staff, our most important asset. I also commit to the use of a Behaviour Based Safety and a Safety Culture Measurement Tool.

I also believe that concern for the environment is an essential element of Safety Management and I shall set positive Environmental Policies supported by Environmental Procedures.

Specifically, I will ensure that:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation is seen as the minimum requirement.
  • A Competent Person is appointed to ensure full compliance with legislation providing professional Safety, Environmental, Training and strategy to the Board on all related matters affecting the Company.
  • A Safety Committee meeting structure is established, aimed at including all Employees and Safety Representatives.
  • There is support for Staff who abort work on grounds of Safety and/or Health.
  • Fire and Security arrangements exist and are maintained to meet legal requirements, industry standards and to exercise loss control.
  • Arrangements exist and are applied to the identification of hazards, the assessment of risks associated with such hazards and the implementation of suitable control measures.
  • That First Aid facilities are provided and maintained.
  • Safety information, data and trends are reviewed and used for accident prevention and continuing improvement of the Safety Management System.
  • All Employees, including Visitors and Sub-Contractors are given sufficient information to carry out their duties with the minimum of risk.
  • Training needs are identified and met.
  • Managers demonstrate to Staff our care for them, their Safety, Health and Welfare.
  • Plant and Equipment, owned or hired, is of a safe design and properly maintained.
  • Suitable Welfare Facilities are provided for all Staff at or near work-sites, providing shelter and messing facilities.
  • Suitable Personal Protective Equipment is provided with training for all Employees exposed to risks to their Health and Safety whilst at work.
  • A robust system of self-audit shall be instigated. This will involve inspections, safety tours and continuous monitoring in line with the HSE guidance document HS (G)65. Safety objectives will be set annually by myself for my Management Team to ensure there is continuous improvement in safety performance.
  • Commitment to complying with our Client’s standards whether mandated or advised.
  • A procurement policy to ensure compliance with the relevant statutory requirements, Client’s Standards and Industry Best Practise.
  • There is the provision of adequate resources to meet these commitments.

Andy Johnson

Managing Director

Johnson Construction Ltd February 2021